3 ingredient Salsa Mayo Salmon

This quick and easy baked salmon recipe is flavorful, tasty and takes very little effort to make. You just top the salmon with a simple mix of salsa and mayo and when it comes out of the oven you’ll have a delicious, creamy and moist flaky fish. It’s the perfect last minute dish to serve on a busy weeknight.

3 ingredient baked salmon with salsa mayo topping

This salsa mayo salmon is super simple you guys. It’s delicious, quick and so darn easy to make. It takes no time at all to prep but it’s somehow still big on flavor.

You only need three things to make this recipe:


  1. salmon
  2. mayo
  3. salsa.

Because there are only three ingredients you’re going to want to make sure all three are really high quality. For the fish, I suggest buying fresh wild caught salmon. As for the mayo and salsa, you can make your own but I prefer the convenience of store-bought. As a toddler mama, I just don’t have time/energy to make homemade mayo and fresh salsa all the time. I mean, having to make those two things would also kind of defeat the point of throwing this simple dinner together. That said, if you have the time to make those two things from scratch then more power to ya. If you’re looking for good store bought options, I like the organic spicy salsa (whole foods brand but any will work) and sir kensington’s mayo.

3 ingredient baked salmon with salsa mayo topping

I can’t take credit for this recipe. I have had it written down for years – it’s a recipe that was passed down… from a friendly fishmonger at a Publix grocery store in Florida. He shared it with my husband’s aunt who shared it with my husband’s mom (my MIL) and she shared it with me. I’m not sure if this is the exact original recipe but the gist of it has to be the same – you mix salsa and mayo together and put it on top of salmon and then bake. Easy.

3 ingredient baked salmon with salsa mayo topping

When you make this salmon, you can add some broccoli onto the pan right along with it – I do that all the time and it makes for a nice sheet pan dinner. I also like to serve it with basmati rice. And because I’m Indian, I add cilantro to everything so if you’ve got some add it but if not, you really don’t need it.

Let me know what you think if you try this salsa mayo salmon!

3 ingredient baked salmon with salsa mayo topping

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