Coconut Flour Naan

This coconut flour naan is so easy to make and calls for just three ingredients! It’s a multi-purpose flatbread that you can use as a tortilla, wrap, crepe, sandwich bread – you name it. My recipe is paleo, gluten free, grain free, dairy free AND nut free. This tastes just as good as my famous paleo naan.coconut flour naan

I’m sure you’ve all heard or hopefully tried my 3 ingredient naan recipe by now. It went viral years ago and is still one of my most popular recipes. Well ladies and gents, there is a new naanin town and this naan is made with coconut flour!

Coconut Flour Naan

Believe it or not but I actually like this coconut flour naan even more than my popular almond flour naan – it surprisingly tastes the same and is super easy to make. It’s also really affordable since it calls for coconut flour rather than almond flour.

Coconut flour is great because it’s high in fiber, protein and healthy fat. I know coconut flour has a reputation for being “dry” in bread or baked goods but that’s not the case at all in this naan recipe. If you’ve ever tried my paleo naan before then you can expect very similar results when using this recipe. Trust me – it tastes good.


I make a lot of this coconut flour naan and always freeze extra naans. They thaw perfectly.

You can use this multipurpose flatbread in so many ways:

  • Naan: use it to serve with curries like my butter chicken or dal
  • Tortilla: use it when making carnitastaco meat or barbacoa
  • Crepe: with some butter and sugar or with fruit and honey or chocolate hazelnut spread or chia fruit jam
  • Bun: for burgers or hotdogs
  • Sandwiches!
  • Wraps: with hummus and veggies or deli meat and mustard
  • What am I missing?! Leave me a comment and I’ll add it to this list!

coconut flour naan

So technically this naan isn’t really new.

Those of you with my paleo Indian ebook are already familiar with the recipe. Tomorrow (June 9, 2018) marks the 3 year anniversary of my ebook, South Asian Persuasion, and this recipe is in my “basics” chapter. I wanted to share it on the blog with you as a thank you.

It’s hard for me to believe I wrote my SAP ebook three years ago. Over the years many have asked why I wrote this as an ebook and not as a paperback. The truth is that my concept was rejected by publisher after publisher – no one thought my idea would “sell well.”  I knew they were wrong because so many of you had asked for this type of book so I decided to self publish. I spent countless hours working away to create the perfect paleo Indian ebook with recipes for things I wasn’t even initially sure I could paleo-fy: naan, roti, gulab jamun, jalebi, rasmalai, pakoras, chaat, samosas etc. You name a popular Indian recipe and chances are, it’s in my ebook. You all helped make my eBook a success and made my time worth it. I really can’t thank you enough.

I hope you love this new “paleo naan” 😉 I think you’ll like it even better than my old paleo naan. Those of you with my ebook or those who try both, would love for you to leave a comment letting us know which naan you prefer! I really want to know and I’m sure others do too!

coconut flour naan

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