Instant Pot Kerala Masala Egg Roast

I love making egg curry in my Instant Pot because I can cook both the sauce and the eggs at the same time!

Kerala Masala Egg Roast (Nadan Mutta Roast) Instant Pot

Eggs and sauce cooked together in one pot? Yes, it’s absolutely possible! I’m sharing my method for making egg curry with you guys today and that means cooking the curry and the eggs at the same time using the same pot: an instant pot! I use this method when making any and all types of egg curry. Today, I’m sharing my recipe for Kerala masala egg roast which is very special type of egg curry because it is a “dry curry.”

What the heck is a “dry egg curry?” It just means the eggs in this dish are coated in a thick sauce made with ripe tomatoes and sweet caramelized onions. If you like egg curry, you are going to love this recipe for egg roast!


Kerala Masala Egg Roast (Nadan Mutta Roast) Instant Pot

This masala egg roast is also known as nadan mutta roast, a dish from the coastal south Indian state of Kerala. Unlike most of my Keralite recipes which call for coconut, this dish just so happens to be coconut-free. Though if you prefer a saucier curry, you can always stir in some coconut milk at the end if you’d like.

In Keralite homes, this dish is typically served during breakfast or brunch but in my half Keralite house, we’ll usually make it for lunch or dinner. It’s a great vegetarian main dish!

You can serve this with any Indian flatbread though in Keralite homes, they’ll make something called appam or puttu (my MIL makes these – I have yet to perfect them). If you are gluten-free, you can serve this with my paleo naan or if you eat regular roti, then you can check out this review of the rotimatic that I recently wrote.

When making this dish – don’t skip the curry leaves. Yes, the dish will still be good without them BUT they are important if achieving the right flavor for this dish. You can easily find curry leaves at your local Indian grocery store or on amazon.

Kerala Masala Egg Roast (Nadan Mutta Roast) Instant Pot

I hope you love this Kerala egg roast! This is a recipe from my cookbook, Indian Food Under Pressure. I also have a delicious egg korma recipe in the book that you should try as well!

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