Instant Pot Rajma

This recipe for rajma, an Indian kidney bean curry, is one of my favorite dishes! And it is so easy to make in an instant pot!

Instant Pot Rajma Indian Kidney Bean Curry

Instant Pot Rajma = Melt-in-your-Mouth Kidney Bean Curry

These melt-in-your-mouth kidney beans are coated in a thick masala gravy and loaded with flavor. Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of rajma chawal (rajma and rice)?

Rajma is a red kidney bean curry that’s typically served with basmati rice hence the words rajma chawal – for those of us who are Punjabi, these two words go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can also make it with brown basmati rice or an Indian flatbread like roti, naan or paleo naan if you prefer.


Not only is this recipe extremely economical thanks to the dried kidney beans, it’s also great for those following a gluten-free or vegan diet. This recipe is so delicious though that you won’t feel like you’re on any special diet while eating it!

I’m Punjabi and so as a child, this dish was in our regular dinner rotation. The funny thing is that back then, I loathed rajma. It was nothing compared to butter chicken, my childhood dish of choice. But now, if you were to ask me to choose between the two I truthfully think I’d pick rajma (ugh, tough choice though). It’s a dish that makes me feel so nostalgic and I find is so, so delicious. I relish every bite.

It wasn’t until I left the house to go to college that I started to miss my mom’s rajma. I still remember the look of surprise on my mom’s face when I asked her to make it for me – not kidding when I say her jaw dropped. It’s funny how things you don’t care for as a child end up being dishes that you love. I feel the same way about bitter melon (karela) – hated it back in the day, absolutely love it now.

Instant Pot Rajma Indian Kidney Bean Curry

Should I Soak Kidney Beans?

This always seems to be a heated topic. I know a lot of people feel pretty strongly over whether or not to soak legumes but I think many Indian families soak beans/legumes prior to cooking. That’s what I do because that’s what my mom taught me and that’s what my grandmother taught her. I personally feel like it makes them easier to digest. You decide what is best for you but please know that if you’re not using pre-soaked beans then you will need to cook the kidney beans for longer than the recipe calls for. My method results in perfectly soft and tender kidney beans.

In addition to increasing the cook time – another thing to keep in mind if you decide not to soak the beans is that you’ll likely have to add more water to the recipe as soaked kidney beans absorb water. If you decide to use unsoaked kidney beans then let us know how it goes.

One last thing about kidney beans – they contain a high level of a toxin calledphytohaemagglutinin (yeah, that’s a mouthful) – this lectin is destroyed if you cook the beans long enough. Eating kidney beans that aren’t properly cooked can cause some pretty bad stomach/GI issues so – another reason to either soak the rajma or cook them longer.

Instant Pot Rajma Indian Kidney Bean Curry

If you love this Punjabi dish, then chances are you’ll love my recipe for Punjabi Chole too so give that a try next! And if you’re looking for more Instant Pot Indian recipes, then check out my cookbook: Indian Food Under Pressure.

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