Aldi new jobs announcement ‘good news’, says Cameron

David Cameron has said the thousands of new jobs Aldi has announced it will create in the UK, is a sign the long term economic plan is working.

The supermarket chain is planning to create 35,000 new jobs in the UK over the next eight years.

They will include management and office roles as well as store and distribution jobs.

The German discount retailer wants to open 550 new stores across the country by 2022 , doubling the size of its UK workforce.




Not unexpected
In early June, Aldi began selling a-brands in Belgium. Initially it was about Coca-Cola, Kinder, M & M, Nutella and Lenor. Moments later followed Mars, Twix and Snickers, Axe and Dreft. In the meantime, we are finding more and more brands at Aldi, including Dash, Devos-Lemmens, Dove, Gillette, Gordon’s, Heinz … The range remains in motion, but what is the real impact? We asked Tom Padgett, client business partner at Nielsen. It is the initiative of the harddiscounter.

“The introduction of A-brands was not an unexpected move by Aldi. It went a bit stiffer at the discount store for a while, there was little progress, partly because expansion slowed. Aldi, however, expanded opening hours. In the Netherlands, Aldi faced the same problems. In September 2012, the chain introduced a number of brands to reduce market share decline.

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